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Rivi’s Destiny

Rivi’s Destiny About: The Alien Mind By: Virginia Lori Jennings   Rivi’s nightmares play out by day. She fears that the Aruk will get their way. The Aunantet were much more kind. They taught her to use more of her

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Daddy, Legacy,

Daddy, Legacy, Written by: Angus H. Day A poem about: The Legacy Of Daddy     Daddy, Legacy, Finest perverted purveyor of nanites, Etresca his mate, Avoiding Bridgette’s fate, an alien with a same sex date, Hmmmmh, who’s your daddy

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Archer- The Joust

Archer – The Joust Written by: Jacky Gray A poem about: Archer Lance tips smash into shields, singing a song of splintering timber, Shields crash into breast-plates, rocking the challengers back in their saddles, Lances wrench out of gauntlets, curving

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