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Declan Finn!

Declan Finn was our Featured Spotlight author before Christmas and visitors were encouraged to ask Declan some of their own questions! Here is a link to that Spotlight! 

Asked By Virginia Jennings

One of my favorites: If you could take any character on vacation, where would you go, who would you take and what would the two of you do?

Sadly, I’m trying to imagine the cast of my novels on vacation, and it’s not pretty. With my Codename: Winterborn books, there are two options, Kevin Anderson, and the Mercenary known as Mandy. I sort of broke Anderson a little at times, and he’s have a few grudges against me. And Mandy’s idea of a vacation is guard duty on a beach with a “celebutard whose biggest danger is me if they don’t shut up” (her words, not mine).

In the universe of A Pius Man: A Holy Thriller … I may have created an entire cast of workaholics. Take, for example, my spy, Scott Murphy, whose idea of a vacation is staying home, reading a book on the history of spying, and laughing every few pages. Sean A.P. Ryan? His idea of a fun time is running parkour through the bad parts of LA at night.

Great, now I’m depressed. I guess that’s a problem when I make a cast of characters who actually like their jobs. And in the cases where I could see going on a vacation with some of these people, I would only end up as a third wheel … I’m a romantic sap, so most of these people are dating or married.

At the end of the day, I can boil it down to two possibilities. One would be Maureen McGrail, my Irish Interpol officer from A Pius Man. I could see the two of us walking the streets of Dublin, perhaps touring Ireland, and she could teach me some of the martial arts moves that I can only write about. Or, a vacation with the Pope, Pius XIII, and as far as I’m concerned, that could just boil down to walking the Vatican, having a chat about law and philosophy …

Yes, in case you were wondering, my characters are much more interesting than I am.

Are you working on anything new lately? Define “new.” Am I working on something that I recently came up with? Nope, not a thing. Am I working on something I haven’t published yet? Oy, am I ever.

A Pius Man, which I started working on 9 years ago, started as an 800 page monster, which has been reduced to a trilogy. Book 2, A Pius Legacy, is going through beta readers right now, and book 3, A Pius Stand, is under massive reconstructive surgery … Hey, you try to have an army marching through an urban environment that you’ve never been through before, and see how much trouble it gives you. 🙂

Codename: Winterborn’s sequel, Codename: Unsub, has been going through starts and stops for a while now. My coauthor and I, Allan Yoskowitz, first started Codename: Unsub before I did Codename: Winterborn on my own time. Then Winterborn stopped being a prequel and all but ate our original book 1, so Unsub had to go through a few changes. My coauthor has been busy with his “real jobs” and I’ve been busy with the Pius trilogy, so … fun.

Where is your favorite place to write?

I actually like writing at my “real job,” which at the moment is at my Krav Maga gym. (Krav Maga, the self defense system of the Israeli military. Motto: if you’re not kicking people in the groin, you’re not trying.) When classes aren’t ongoing, I have the place to myself.

What type of music do you like… do you listen to it for inspiration or do you prefer quiet when you write?

Recently, I’ve been going through a Lindsey Stirling phase in my writing. All I have to do is call up YouTube and play something of hers in the background. I also tend towards John Williams soundtracks and classical music. And during fight scenes, it depends on what I’ve got going on the page. I’ve gone from Star Wars clips to the original Sleeping Beauty ballet …

Yes, I’m a music person.

Asked Jo Linsdell:

You write under a pen name, what have you found to be the pro’s and con’s of doing so?

I write under a pen name because my actual name is unpronounceable by anyone outside of Eastern Europe. The Pro: readers can actually recommend my books to other people without much of a problem. The Con: I have to explain to all of my own friends and family what the name is, why I picked it, and No, I’m not ashamed of the family name, how can you possibly think that?

Did you know you’re book was going to be part of a series when you wrote the first one or did you decide later on?

Initially, I had written one book that turned into an 800 page monstrosity that had every character I had ever created. When I knew it was going to be one of the first published, I had to cut the character count, and break the book into a trilogy — not even Tom Clancy or Steve King started with 800 page books.

What, for you, is the hardest part of being an author?

The hardest part of being an author is the marketing. Yes, writing for me is easy. To some extent, even the editing is easy. Getting people to hear about my books and buy them? There are days where I’d rather bash my head against a wall for hours. It’s less tiring, and after a while, I might even come to enjoy it.

     From Admin Virginia- Thank you Declan Finn for bearing with me in getting this up, I fell majorly behind due to all the holiday stuff. I hope 2014 is an awesome year for you!

You can find Declan Finn’s book on Amazon here

Author, Blogger, and illustrator with PDMI Publishing Llc. V.L. Jennings' Blog (Speculating Among The Stars) can be found here: www.virginialorijennings.com I am the author of two science fiction books called "The Alien Mind" and "Visionary from the Stars". I love to write and I have been doing so since the sixth grade. I was born in April 1987 in the state of New Hampshire; I was Home Schooled from seventh grade and graduated at 16 with a GED. I now live with my husband and three children in Dillon, South Carolina. You can find me on Google+, Facebook, Twitter, Goodreads, Shelfari, Linkedin, and Pinterest. I love connecting with people! I am readily to answer questions and offer advice and support to new writers.

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  1. Thanks for having me, Virginia. It was fun.

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