Shutting down WWAAM Interviews

From Admin Virginia Lori Jennings

I am writing to you all today to announce that I am shutting down the weekly WWAAM Interview feature. I MAY host the occasional interview on here from time to time… maybe once a month- I have not decided.

The main issue we have been having is lack of interaction. For the longest time we have pretty much only had me and my great friend Jo Linsdell participating in asking the featured authors questions.

The purpose of this blog was for the authors and their friends, as well as members of this group to invite people to come and check out their spotlights and ask them some questions for the interview. This way we could help you attract new readers. Unfortunately this has not worked. I am unsure if it is because we have had authors that didn’t share their spotlights and ask people to come ask them questions or if it is because people just couldn’t be bothered to ask questions. Either way, it seems as though the current situation is failing.

I will leave the submissions form up. I may randomly pick people from the submissions from time to time but on a whole I am discontinuing the process.

For those who did ask questions THAN YOU SO VERY MUCH! For those who follow and read our group blog THANK YOU VERY MUCH! It is because of you that this blog has gotten this far!

I leave you with the very last of the weekly interviews- Come Ask Tony Acree Your Questons
And we should have the answers to Declan Finn’s interview up shortly as well 😉

This is your admin- Signing off ….

Author, Blogger, and illustrator with PDMI Publishing Llc. V.L. Jennings' Blog (Speculating Among The Stars) can be found here: I am the author of two science fiction books called "The Alien Mind" and "Visionary from the Stars". I love to write and I have been doing so since the sixth grade. I was born in April 1987 in the state of New Hampshire; I was Home Schooled from seventh grade and graduated at 16 with a GED. I now live with my husband and three children in Dillon, South Carolina. You can find me on Google+, Facebook, Twitter, Goodreads, Shelfari, Linkedin, and Pinterest. I love connecting with people! I am readily to answer questions and offer advice and support to new writers.

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