Come Ask Lynn Lawler Some Questions

Introducing Lynn Lawler!

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About Lynn Lawler

Lynn Lawler is a fiction writer, Reiki and Theta DNA practitioner. She writes stories greatly inspired by the GLBT community and her own experiences. She is the author of Enlightened Desire, a story about a woman who thinks she has her life figured out. Then she encounters an occurrence that tells her otherwise. Oddities suddenly become realities. Secrets are coming out of the woodwork. Jackie cannot hide from herself anymore, nor can she be in denial about her true potential. Simultaneously, there is the secret lover who has her own agenda. Then there is the other lover who is wrecking havoc for Jackie. Jackie is caught in the middle of confusion.

Lynn has had a lifelong interest in writing and wrote short stories while in school. In college she wrote an editorial that was published in The Detroit Free Press. It focused on the positives of children’s education in the sciences. She found this to be very inspiring and felt people needed awareness.

During her early adult years Lynn went on a spiritual journey to Arizona seeking enlightenment. While there she got to experience some things that were life changing. She first managed a vendor booth, selling nutritional supplements at a flea market. Then as one door closed another door opened. After this job ended the next day she started working at a place that really enlightened her. She worked in the produce department at a natural food coop in Tempe, AZ. There she educated people on sprouting as well as the health benefits of juicing. At the same time she spent a lot of time out in nature hiking and listening to its celebration.

In addition to her retail experience, she also has work experience in the Architectural design area as well as Finance. At one job she got to help create the construction documents for a gym. Even though she liked the creativity that Architectural design offered, her passion lies in writing, which now has developed into her new career.

Lynn started her professional writing career several years ago after she watched a documentary on the life of the 20th century writer Willa Cather. At the same time she experienced a loss that steered her to take this direction. After writing the initial outline and first draft, the author embraced a new awareness that changed the path of her life.

The trials of Lynn’s life have only served as stepping stones to a brighter outlook and a stronger spirit. Many of which are incorporated into Lynn’s stories. In school Lynn encountered some tough times with her peers. Lynn touches on bullying in her stories emphasizing that it is never okay.

She also incorporates teachings in her work. She is a fan of Louise L. Hay and writes about learning to love yourself. She also includes learning to forgive yourself and others and gratitude.

She is the survivor of domestic abuse. She has come to terms with this and has grown into a more conscious woman. No matter what the circumstance was, she has always found a way to pick herself up and move on. She is self reliant and independent with a caring heart.

Lynn has always been a fan of books. As a small child she read Judy Blume books and it was here that she had her first thought about writing as a profession. Later she became a fan of Mary Higgins Clark and J.K. Rowling. She also loves reading the works of other GLBT authors such as Q.C. Masters and Veronica Lyons. She enjoys material of the unknown, mysterious, and mystical and peppered with romance.

In her spare time she enjoys hiking, meditation, cooking, and watching baseball. In addition she maintains a weekly blog and often features other authors. She believes in helping other authors in addition to promoting herself. Lastly, she has been a vegetarian for all of her adult life. It’s no surprise the her main characters are also vegetarian.

Lynn lives in SoCal with her spouse and cats. She is currently at work on her next novel.

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Lynn Lawler
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3 comments on “Come Ask Lynn Lawler Some Questions
  1. […] 4th and visitors were encouraged to ask Lynn some of their own questions! Here is a link to that Spotlight! Feel free to ask more questions, and we might just be able to get Lynn back for a follow up […]

  2. Stephen Ward ( yeah, that Stephen Ward) says:

    1. You’ve been all over the map in terms of doing stuff. Didn’t concentrate on school, huh?
    2. Your picture looks like a lawyer advertising on a telephone book. Ever dabble in that field?
    3. Isn’t vegetarianism a whole lot of phooey?
    4. Are you a new ager?
    5. How much sex is in your books?
    6. Do you meditate in the nude?
    7. Is this new guy that married you treat you nice or is he another lemon?
    8. What’s your cat’s name?
    9. When the writing thing crashes and burns, what’s next for Lynn?
    10. You say you like the mystical. Did you try LSD in high school or peyote?
    11. If your parents are alive, do they worry about you?
    12. Do you hear voices?
    13. When you finally crack up, will the cat be cared for?
    14. You are in Luxembourg dying to eat some Brussel sprouts and wheat germ when you realize you’d better head out to the airport and go home. In the lobby, two men are talking and laughing and as you walk by they look at you for a second or two and you notice. As you taxi to the airport you wonder if they are secret agents and it bugs you. At what point do you stop the cab, run out, steal a cop’s gun and go completely berserk?

  3. Jo Linsdell says:

    I used to love Judy Blume books too 😉

    Do you have any foods that you like to eat when writing? Any extra inspirational food types?
    What books have most influenced you?
    What’s next for you as a writer?

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