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Robert Mullin was our Featured Spotlight author this past week and visitors were encouraged to ask Robert some of their own questions! Here is a link to that Spotlight! Feel free to ask more questions, and we might just be able to get Robert back for a follow up interview!

Virginia Jennings says:

AWESOME! I love Star Wars! Will have to check your work out! Where is your favorite place to write?

My favorite place to write is a quiet, dark place free of distractions. I am the most easily distracted person on the face of the planet, which is probably why it takes me so long to actually get a book out.

Do you have any favorite authors or shows that you go to for inspiration? If so, which ones?

I draw from a plethora of authors and shows from across the spectrum. I do tend to keep my sources pretty close to the chest, so as to allow readers to read the book without preconceptions. I always enjoyed Jules Verne, and am a fan of Timothy Zahn. As with Frank Peretti, he may not be one of the most literary authors, but he engrosses me so much that I forget that I’m reading a book. I’m not there, but it’s always something to aspire to.

Oh and please tell us a little about your book! Do you have anything new coming soon?

My book is a sort of mélange of genres; you could call it “Lovecraft meets Lewis by way of Lucas.” It has a bit of science fiction, a bit of paranormal, and a bit of spiritual fiction wrapped up in an epic fantasy framework. The worldbuilding mythopoeia was fun, but ultimately the biggest stories are still about characters, and it is on those that I have focused. Bid the Gods Arise is ultimately about temptation, slavery, and finding the freedom from that which enslaves us. It is about finding our place and making the right choices even amidst events that are out of our control, and when confronted with what appears to be an inescapable fate. I am working on the sequel at the moment, and hope to have it out before the fires of interest have gone cold. I also have a novel about Mokele-mbembe, the animal I searched for in Africa, and a non-fiction book that will probably be the work of a lifetime, but those are far in the future.



Jo Linsdell says:

My kids love dinosaurs. What’s the coolest dino fact you’ve discovered so far?

Well, according to the natives we spoke to in Africa who saw the animal that matches the description of a living dinosaur, the creature vocalizes by means of an inflatable dewlap. This would appear to explain the croaking roars people have heard, and answer the question about how a reptilian animal (reptiles have no vocal chords) would make audible noises. (I suppose it goes without saying that the coolest dinosaur fact is that there is a possibility that a few are still alive….)

What made you decide to write epic fantasy?

Well, you write what you read, so….

I honestly am not as avid a reader of the genre as one might suspect (I find most “magic” stories a little boring, because it seems literally anything can happen), but I like stories with intricate histories and extended characterization. I also like the general theme of “high” fantasy, which is more optimistic and selfless than the brutal and amoral swords-and-sorcery so popular now. I am of the opinion that the best fiction is redemptive; I don’t particularly care if the author wants to take me through a dark tunnel, but there had better be light at the end of it.

Who is your favorite character from your book and why?

My favorite character, Valasand, is actually not the main character. She’s more of the mentor, and embodies the wisdom I wish I possessed. As a Warden of the Gates, she is a representative of the Temple (a singular organized religion that serves as a kind of counterpoint to the primary ruling dynasty, which controls many worlds). The Wardens are charged with the mapping, maintenance, and defense of the Wells of the Worlds, and with humanitarian and religious duties. They tend to have a little more divine guidance than the average person, and a great deal of martial training. They are a kind of cross between the Knights Templar and Samurai warriors.



Hazel Nutt says

I know what a zoologist is, but what does the crypto part mean?

The “crypto” part refers to mystery or the unknown. So cryptozoology is the study of unknown animals. The ones that interest me the most are the ones that have the most potential to shake up the scientific establishment. I get a little giddy at the thought of some armchair experts having to rewrite their precious books.

Do you love searching for a live dinosaur? If you love dinosaurs, it sounds like a dream job.

Yes and no. I’m actually very much a couch potato. I put up with the inherent dangers and hardships of expeditions because I believe that the reward is worth the risk, but I’m not really a thrill seeker, and am more at home watching a movie or trying to write than I am camping with elephants, gorillas, and venomous snakes. That having been said, sometimes I do get the yearning to return to the hunt and see what we can try next to catch some evidence of this elusive animal. I’ve always felt that my life would be complete upon seeing something God considers his greatest creation (Job 40:19, assuming the creationists are right, and behemoth is a dinosaur, and not some super-hippo). Certainly I can imagine nothing more thrilling or fulfilling for someone of my beliefs and temperament.

Are there any dinosaurs in Bid the Gods Arise?

Not really, though a couple of the animals might be considered distant relatives. The fictional universe of The Wells of the Worlds is not set on Earth (though astute readers might recognize an allusion or two to our world, I generally try to keep that as separate as possible). One of the recurring animals is based on the Indricotherium.

Who is your favorite character in Star Wars and why?

Well, discounting the novels, I would have to say Luke Skywalker. I can identify all too well with whiny dreamers who always wish life were better than it actually is. The idea that there might actually be great destinies for such as those is appealing.


Dean Bonner says:

What kinds of codes does a cryptozoologist break?

Ha, ha. Not a cryptologist. I assume you jest.



What discovery would you most like to make?

Well, a living dinosaur would pretty much shake the scientific establishment. There is a team doing really advanced research into the possible capture of a living pterosaur. Second to that, I think it would be interesting to find Bigfoot.



If you could advise other authors to do one thing, what would it be?


Learn your craft. Study from the masters, and go over your book with a fine-toothed comb before sending it out (or self-publishing, if you go that route).



If you advised authors not to do one thing, what would that one thing be?


Present or publish your manuscript unedited.

     From Admin Virginia- I loved your answers Robert! Not only do you have a vivid imagination but you also give pretty good advice! Thanks for stopping by and letting us ask you some questions!

You can find  Robert Mullin’s  book on Amazon here



Author, Blogger, and illustrator with PDMI Publishing Llc. V.L. Jennings' Blog (Speculating Among The Stars) can be found here: www.virginialorijennings.com I am the author of two science fiction books called "The Alien Mind" and "Visionary from the Stars". I love to write and I have been doing so since the sixth grade. I was born in April 1987 in the state of New Hampshire; I was Home Schooled from seventh grade and graduated at 16 with a GED. I now live with my husband and three children in Dillon, South Carolina. You can find me on Google+, Facebook, Twitter, Goodreads, Shelfari, Linkedin, and Pinterest. I love connecting with people! I am readily to answer questions and offer advice and support to new writers.

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