How To Come Up With Guest Post Ideas!


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How To Come Up With Guest Post Ideas

By Jo Linsdell

Jo Linsdell is a best selling author and illustrator, award winning blogger, and freelance writer. She is also the founder and organiser of the annual online event Promo Day ( Her latest release Virtual Book Tours: Effective Online Book Promotion From the Comfort of Your Own Home is now available from Amazon. Find out more about her at her website

Guest blogging is a great way to build your author brand and spread the word about your books. It gives you the opportunity to show that your an expert in your field, whilst at the same time connecting you with new readers. You do, of course, need to come up with ideas for what your guest blog should be about.

Are you stuck for inspiration? Here’s a few tips to make sure you always have an idea for your post:

1) Get to know your host.

Visit the host site and check out the sort of content they are posting. (Click to tweet) Do they like long or short posts? Do they offer a lot of how to posts? Do they include infographics or video’s? or are their posts text based only? Understanding the types of content the host prefers to post will help guide you towards the sort of content you should be submitting.

What posts are getting the most engagement? This will help show you the types of posts that go down best with their readers.

2) Focus on your goals.

What are your reasons for doing the guest post? Brainstorm topics related to your goal.  (Click To Tweet) What kind of content is you target audience looking for? Do a search on Google using your keywords and see what kinds of posts come up.

3) Research.

Search social media sites for topic posts and infographics. See what questions are being asked by your target audience and write a post that answers them. (Click To Tweet) Take part in webinars and see what points get brought up. Pay close attention to any comments that get left.

4) Find a quote.

There are millions of inspirational quotes out there that can spark an idea for a guest post.

“Don’t build links. Build relationships”- Rand Fishkin (Click to tweet)

You could expand on this and write piece about the importance of building relationships. The angle you take would depend on your book and your host site. A romance writer could use it to tie in with examples using the characters in their book. The author of a book about marketing could use it to make a point about the right way to use social media platforms.

“The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing” – Walt Disney (Click to tweet)

This one could be used for a post about how you began your writing career or in a how to post about reaching your goals. Maybe your promoting a book about time management, you could use this one to write about how to stop wasting time.

Inspiration is everywhere. You just need to look for it. Hopefully I’ve given you some ideas to get you started.

I’d love to hear about how you get ideas for your guest posts so please leave a comment and join the discussion.

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Jo Linsdell is a best selling author and illustrator, award winning blogger and freelance writer. She is also the founder and organizer of the annual online event “Promo Day” ( To find out more about Jo and her projects visit her website

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