WWAAM Interviews Katie Carroll!

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Katie Carroll!

Katie Carroll was our Featured Spotlight author last week and visitors were encouraged to ask Katie some of their own questions! Here is a link to that Spotlight! Feel free to ask more questions, and we might just be able to get Katie back for a follow up interview!

Asked by Virginia Lori Jennings

Have you had many schools take you up on your offer to do assemblies for their students?

I only put together my school program toward the end of the 2012/13 school year, so I only did one visit in June so far. I’m working on my 2013/14 pitch for school and hope to book a few more for this school year.

Asked by Kai Strand

How do you balance your writing with your editing with being the mother of a toddler?

With lots of help! I was lucky enough to be able to leave my full-time office job last year to concentrate raising my son (a.k.a The Boy) and my writing. My mom and mother-in-law help me out a couple mornings a week with the The Boy and my hubby (let’s call him The Man) is very helpful around the house. I do the cooking, but The Man does most of the cleaning. I’m a very lucky lady! And I work a lot of evenings and in snippets when I have a few minutes.

Suzanne de Montigny says:

What do you like better – writing or the boy? (I know the answer already.)

LOL! Of course The Boy. He is the best thing that has ever happened to me and is a constant inspiration in my life.

Jo Linsdell says:
How long did it take you to write your book?

Elixir Bound took a very long time to get to its published state. From the time I started writing it (with really no idea what I was doing other than writing a story) to being published was just about 9 years. I didn’t work on it for those entire 9 years, but it was very much a learning experience for me and has shaped the writer I am now (which I think is much better than the writer who wrote Elixir Bound). Elixir Saved, the next book, is proving to take a much shorter time to write…I’m hoping for a full draft in under a year, and then hopefully to publication in less than two years.

mirkabreen says:

As you embark on the second blog tour, this time for the release of Elixir Bound in paperback, what have you learned about blog-touring? How helpful has it been to reach readers who are not writers?

I think the hardest part of marketing in the kidlit world is reaching your target audience. I’ve learned that authors are super supportive of other authors, but not always the best source for reaching the target audience. So I tried for more balance in this blog tour, while I did reach out the other authors, I also really pushed to have book bloggers/reviewers be included in the blog tour as well. Word does seem to be spreading about the book, but I think I’ll have a better answer for this at the end of the blog tour.

Stephen Ward Asks:

1. Have you ever wrote for adult?

Sure. I worked in newspapers for a little while and then in the puzzle magazine business for 8 years, primarily with an adult audience in mind. But no books for adults (though I have edited books for adults).

2. Have you ever been stuck for inspiration?

I can’t really say that I have been stuck for inspiration. I’m an ideas girl; they strike me all the time. The ones that won’t go away are the ones I end up pursuing for book ideas. That’s not to say I haven’t ever been stuck in my writing. Some days it’s hard to stick in front of the computer and get the words flowing. I find if I just start writing, even if it’s crap, the words do start to flow.

3. Have you ever seen the rain?

Ummm…literally, yes. Metaphorically, probably not!

4. Tell us about yourself, including that wild time in Cincinnati.

It must have been a wild time because I can’t even remember having been in Cincinnati!

5. What are the pros and cons of Conneticutt?

It’s expensive to live here, but we’re close to big cities, many places have a small town feel, we have beautiful beaches, and my family is here.

6. How do you spell Conneticutt?

C-O-N-N-E-C-T-I-C-U-T (f.y.i. I’ve been trying to get it to catch on that someone from CT who is cute is called a Connecticutie!)

7. Do you feel sad when you come to the end?

I think it’s more a mixed ball of emotions at the end of writing a story. Part sad, part proud, part relief. Then you realize you still have a lot of work to do on a manuscript before it’s any good.

8. Do you secretly write smut under an assumed name?

Only in my dreams.

9. What would you like your children to be (occupation wise) when they grow up?

Something they have passion for and something that will make them feel fulfilled.

10. When is your next epic coming out?

Hopefully next year…depends on how fast I can get the writing/revising done.

11. Do you ever see anything out of the corner of your eye and when you turn to look its gone?


12. What do you do for fun?

I spend a lot of time hanging out with my son, reading, watching TV with my husband, playing soccer, hanging out with my siblings.

13. Does the future scare you?


14. What attracted you to ‘Where Writers and Authors Plot’? (Stephen likes to give our group nicknames lol)

I first came to Where Writers and Authors Meet when an author friend of mine was featured on it. Upon further exploration, it seemed like a fun place to connect with readers and other authors.

shegyes says:

1. Which of your characters would you like to spend the day with? Why?

Kylene…I’d like one more day with her. (The character of Kylene was inspired by my sister of the same name who passed away at the age of 16.)

2. What’s your favorite thing about writing? Least favorite?

I love, love, love having a new story idea that sticks in my brain. There’s this wonderful time before I put any words down in writing when a story is forming in my mind. It’s so full of possibility and excitement and hasn’t been ruined by the limitations of the written word.

I find revising very challenging. It’s hard not to feel burnt out by my own story and a bit like everything I’ve written is terrible.

3. How many rejection letters did you get before you found the “right” company to publish with? Which one was your favorite? Why? Least favorite? Why?

Too many! Getting Elixir Bound published was a long education in not only writing but in the business of publishing as well. Originally I sent it out too early (before it was good enough to be published). Beyond that it’s that serendipity of finding someone who will get your story enough to take a chance on it. Because every story that gets published is a risk for the publisher. (Honestly I didn’t keep track of the exact number because it’s not healthy for me to focus on the negatives.) My favorite rejection was from a very well-known imprint of a big publishing house. They gave me some great advice that helped shape the version of the book that finally landed me a book deal.

     From Admin Virginia- Katie, I just want to say thank you for being such an awesome sport! I loved your answers! I think you should definitely get Conneticutie patented lol! I’d also like to thank all of our questioners this week! Awesome que

You can find  Katie Carroll’s Book on Amazon here



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