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Questions from Stephen Ward

1. Can you enter and leave the United States at will?

No. I don’t have the money for the flight. πŸ˜‰

2. When you walk through the woods, what forest creatures are the most visible?

Wood ants and other forest dwelling insects are definitely the most visible, but that’s perhaps not what you mean with forest creatures … hm … well, the animals that are commonly considered forest creatures are very rarely visible … here in the forest I’ve seen a roe deer once, a family of red squirrels once (I see them more often on the way to the discounter), a fox also just once … more than once I’ve seen: different sorts of forest mice, blindworms, different sorts of lizards and various species of birds … I guess that’s about it.

In the forest in Berlin I’ve seen wild boars several times, and when I lived in Thuringia I once saw a red deer with a majestic pair of antlers.

3. Do you write to amuse yourself and get out all your little frustrations or do you try to entertain an unseen audience of nobodies?

I guess I mainly write to amuse myself, sometimes also to get out all my little frustrations. And of course I hope that I can also entertain others, otherwise I wouldn’t bother with editing,rewriting, polishing and publishing my stories but would just keep the stories to myself.

4. Have you ever used a nude female model and if so, will you e-mail me the pictures?

No and no.

5. You like to sing. Alto or soprano. Classical or modern?

Baritone, tenor if it’s low enough. I like classical as well as modern.

You can listen to an example of my singing voice here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YuYzO8rmZMQ&feature=c4-overview&playnext=1&list=TLo03rWHF4N0I

Or of my speaking voice here: http://www.sophiadeluna.com/index.php/downloads/

(It’s the German audio version of my Little Owl story. I wouldn’t normally speak this accurately, but since it’s meant for learning purpose, I had to read it differently than I usually would.)

6. When you are food shopping, if you come across a fellow shopper who is not paying attention to their shopping cart, do you put random items in their cart just to confuse them?

No, but I sometimes accidentally put items in my mother’s cart πŸ˜€

7. Who wrote the book of love?

According to Wikipedia there are three novels with that title, one from1934 by Upton Sinclair, one from 1980 by William Kotzwinkle, and one by Kathleen McGowan – which one do you mean? Or do you mean yet another?

8. Imagine you are in Mongolia. Which would you rather have: a writing tablet and a pen or your camera?

Writing I can always do later, but photos not, so I’d rather have my camera, plus at least three extra packs of batteries, plus at least three 16GB SDHC cards.

9. My father and my wife have visited Germany (individually and at separate times). If I were to ever go to Deutschland, what sites would you recommend I see?

Berlin is certainly worth visiting – too many interesting sites there to list individually.

Neuschwanstein Castle in Bavaria (AllgΓ€u) is beautiful, so are the Alps.

You might like Munich and the Oktoberfest – a lot of sexy women there, I heard πŸ˜‰

Nuremberg is nice, but I’m not sure if it’s interesting enough for a tourist.

10. As regards to photography: Black and white or color?

Colour. Though there are stunning B/W photos that I like. But I don’t think I would ever venture into B/W photography myself.

11. You are writing away and hear a crashing noise coming from the street. Do you keep writing or get up to see what all the fuss is about.

I keep writing. Chances are I wouldn’t even notice the noise if I’m engrossed in my writing.

(I live on the 5th floor (6th for Americans), and the street is a bit to the side from my point of view with trees in between, so even if the windows were open, the noise wouldn’t be that loudly to hear for me.)

12. Virginia says you are from Nuremburg? Anything interesting ever happen there?

Not to my knowledge (unless you’re talking of the past). But then again, I’m pretty much living a hermit life, so I wouldn’t know.

(ROFL- WWAAM Admin here… I ‘said’ no such thing. I am experimenting with wordpress’ location feature and could not find Sophia’s town in the list so I just chose some place in Germany πŸ˜‰

13. You wake up and find yourself on the outskirts of Bismarck, north Dakota. How do you amuse yourself?

I don’t think ‘amusing myself’ would be very high on my priority list in such a case. If this happened in summer, I’d be in serious trouble. If it were winter, I’d be at least somewhat decent, but I’d probably freeze my butt off in my pyjamas before I could figure out where and how to reach help. Though, considering I’d be in the USA … I’d probably have more things to fear than just freezing if I – as a woman – appeared in just a pyjama somewhere on the streets. (I certainly wouldn’t go to the police – They’d think I’m nuts and institutionalise me, or they’d think I’m an illegal alien and put me in jail or something.) No, the more I think about it, the more certain I am that ‘amusing myself’ would not even appear on my priority list.

14. Die meisten Leute im Vereingenten Zustand die selbst-verofftenlichen, denken, dass sie Ernest hemingway sind. Tun sie Deutsche, die Verfasser als ernssthaft sich nehmen? Fur mich ist es gerade Spass und lacht.

Automatic translators suck! LOL

OK, I’m trying to decipher what you mean – excuse me if I don’t get it right.

“Most people in the United States who are self-published, think they are Ernest Hemingway. Do German authors take themselves seriously? For me it is just fun and laughs.”

Was this what you meant to say?

Then my answer would be: I don’t know any other German authors, so I don’t know how seriously they take themselves. I certainly don’t think I’m Ernest Hemingway or Goethe for that matter … I rather like being female and alive, thank you. πŸ˜€ And before you throw in a name of a female, still living, famous author – I really like being me, I don’t want to be anyone else.

Writing isn’t only fun and laughs for me though. It’s also a lot of work and a lot of thinking.

Β (From Admin: Oh THATS what Stephen’s question said! Wow O.o)

Questions from Fiona

1. Where do you draw your inspiration from.

Well, I have already touched on this in one of my earlier answers, but as for what else might be a source of inspiration, not only for story ideas but for my writing in general … as for a particular scene or an image for the surroundings in the story or an idea for a character or or or: Well, inspiration can come from practically anywhere, from things I read (nonfiction as well as fiction), movies, conversations and interactions I have with people or which I come across on social media or elsewhere, from my own experiences and those of others, looking at pretty photos and paintings, and many many other things … even a certain scent can trigger an idea for something.

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