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4 comments on “Best Villain Description
  1. Isabella Caswell was married to one of the biggest names in music. Gavin Caswell. She was exotic, decendant from Romanian Royalty and gorgeous….

    She stole him from his first family with her looks and youth. But looks are deceiving and often the most beautiful can be more horrific than any witch of any fairy tale ever written.

    In fact because of her financial and emotionally abusive grip over all of them including her young son, the entire world believed they were still married until his untimely overdose.

    For 20 years she ran the family as her father would have done. She had soldiers in the form of Eastern European body guards… financial control over everyone in the family including Addison……… she sold Addison’s estate out from under her, stole millions from both of Gavin’s sons and publicly humiliates his ex wife Addison and his son Alex every chance she gets.

    But as with all things the truth comes out….. Isabella was not married to Gavin when he died, he had divorced her an remarried Addison. They foolishly left Isabella in charge of the business though because she was so good. What they didn’t know was that her cruelty knew no bounds.. she killed Gavin using his greatest fear, a needle as weapon, created Alex’s addiction by shooting him up the 1st time and keeping him in the dope, then framing him for the murder all while pretending to weep for the man that she’d never loved and planned to murder all along….. and before the end they will all die.. all of them.. but first she has to kill that pesky FBI agent that’s friends with Alex and everyone that the agent knows or loves…. by using their worst fears.

  2. I’ll start, but I’ll let Vern describe him. McThing is a minor villain in Live and Let Fly (MuseItUp):

    Lairs by Larry had struck again. The large room they escorted me into held a huge flat-screen TV encased in a walnut frame that perfectly matched the hardwood floors. The screen alternated between the italicized caption, “Please enjoy your captivity,” and various landscape videos of Alcatraz, Guantanamo Bay, Devil’s Island… I could only hope they were being ironic. A macaroni-shaped conference table in a complementing wood, with plush office chairs in blue, green, and burgundy, presented its broad curve to us. The rest of the room seemed furnished for casual day—ottomans, poufs, and divans of matching colors were scattered about, along with some trendy little tables that looked like giant hands, elephant’s legs, and British butlers.

    A henchman sat at either end of the table. Despite their casual postures, their hands caressed the triggers of their machine guns. They probably had to have a minimum number of “I can sit alertly!” stars before being allowed to take those positions—literally and figuratively, of course.

    At the center of the curve, not sitting, but leaning on its edge, posed McThing. I do mean posed. Butt against the table, ankles crossed, left arm across his stomach, the hand supporting his right elbow. He kept his hand pressed against his mouth except when talking.

    He took one look at me and said, “Oh, my! This is wonderful! This is just…too amazing. A dragon. A real dragon.”

    Yeah, even undersized, bound, gagged, and suffering from iron poisoning, I had that effect. I settled myself into as regal a posture as I could, sitting upright with my tail around my front paws. My tail was actually out of proportion to my present size—for some reason, when God gave me back bits of my length, He chose to put it there—but it’s really quite useful at times like this. The wider part of my tail covered my clawed fingers, the end of my tail, which split into two independently moving appendages, tucked neatly behind my front leg. Thus, no one could see me pulling my lockpick tool from between my claw—nor would they hear me working on the locks if I could get a diversion. I finished letting him geek out on my greatness while I counted henchmen. Two more—one at each exit. Six total. I wondered if the appropriately named Chuck and Ralph would join us, and how much time I had until then if so.

    “I just, so wish we could have met under different circumstances. But the muzzle!” He drew little circles with his fingers, his elbow never leaving the support of his other hand. He tapped his lips with a knuckle. “Joe? Was that your idea? Brilliant. Truly brilliant. VIRA, be a dear and register Joe for a star for initiative.”

    Behind him the scenery (ocean waves lapping against the beach of some prison island) narrowed into a thin line and a Doppler pattern showed when the voice said, “Of course, Mr. McThing. Congratulations, Joe. Good work.”

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