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3 comments on “Best Setting Description
  1. Juliet sees a rock star’s home for the first time…………………….

    Criss’ house had the white plaster, the timber framing almost like a home you would see in Germany or England, and it was enormous. The front door was eight feet tall and made of medieval oak with iron studs and fixtures like an old castle. The wall surrounding the door was a giant stained glass depiction of a dragon slayer and a dragon. Juliet was awestruck by its beauty.

    As soon as she went in, she thought she’d crossed into the twilight zone. The entire living room was red. There was a red carpet, red wall a red velvet circular couch and ottoman. The television was as big as a wall and even that was trimmed in red. Thick red gothic curtains hung from the top of the vaulted ceilings to the floor on the back door. The light fixtures were either red or had red bulbs even the upstairs hallways that looked out over the living room were painted red. In fact, the only things that were not red were the black wrought iron furniture, the grey or black stone gargoyles and the recreation of The Lady and the Unicorn Tapestry that hung on one wall. The fourth wall, the one to the left was red brick and had a gigantic six foot tall fireplace. It had a screen made of black chain links.

    The rest of the house was normal. Through a door to the left were the kitchen and the staff bedrooms. Boxer had one already next door to Derek and Ralph. There was a cook/housekeeper as well. Through another door just in front of the backdoor was a dining room and opposite that was a game room.

    Criss lead her upstairs. There were five enormous bedrooms. The master suite took up the entire right side of the house. Then there were two smaller rooms on the front and two larger rooms on the left. The railing that ran on all three side of the room was again made of black wrought iron rail with grotesque gargoyles on every joint.

    The master suite had white walls and a white circular bed on a podium in the center of the room. The carpet and trim was cobalt blue and cobalt glass sculptures stood on white roman columns all over the room. There were settees and chairs all over the room in blue or white. The curtains were cobalt blue and opened up to a balcony off the back of the house. The master bath had a shower, a tub and garden Jacuzzi. It was enormous but on either side of the bathroom were huge walk-in closets. Criss’ was on the left, but Alexis’ stuff had been moved and the one on the right was empty. The bed rotated to look out the window, at the television or any other angle in the room. “I had all this done while I was on tour,” he said. “It was just white and plain, but you told me you liked cobalt glass so I designed an entire room around it.”

    Juliet replied, “No I love it. I don’t know about a circular bed, but we’ll try it.”

    He took her out on the balcony to look at the back yard. As she looked down, an enormous pool with a fountain and grotto awaited her. The surrounding yard was perfectly manicured and full of various English gardens and sculpted bushes. Aside from the living room, it was the house of her dreams.

    “So what do you think,” Criss asked as he put his arms around her.

    “I love it,” she said, “The living room…”

    He interrupted, “Is my favorite room. You can change anything you want, except that room.”

    Venomous Lives, copyright 2010, Publish America, Brandy Potter

  2. Here’s Vern’s description of the villain’s lair (the real villian, not the sencond-dtring guy described in the other contest.) This is also from Live and Let Fly. it’s not my latest novel, but it’s tons of fun:

    I opened my eyes, expecting to see Helheim. I found myself disappointed and confused while my eyes took in the room and my head narrated like the announcer for Lairs by Larry:

    *The underground chamber sported a cement and steel decor—an evil overlord classic. Broad stripes in “Danger Red” add panache, as do the automatic sliding doors of the same color—and what door would be complete without its own guard? Italian submachine guns and black fatigues—honestly, is there really any color for Kevlar besides black? It’s just so right. You’ll notice our villainess has gone with the theme in her own tailored flak jacket under a “Summer uniform,” but bearing her personal flare. No one can wear hot pants like Hel. Naturally, no base headquarters would be complete without a raised platform from which to gloat at your victims—and Hel’s gone all out with a wall-sized high-definition screen from which to illustrate her maniacal schemes. Forget the steel railings—so ’70s—Hel has pulled materials from the volcano where she’s made her home. Don’t the stalagmites and carved lava rock add just the right touch of sinister? Be still, my fearful heart!*

    I think Hel and McThing used the same decorator. I also think I’ve been watching too much TV.

    *Speaking of fearful… the lower level serves multiple purposes, but right now, we see it in victim intimidation mode, with harsh spotlights and dark shadows and the roof reflecting the interior pool, populated, of course, by—*

    “Why do you have sharks?” I know. We’ve failed in our mission. We’re in mortal danger. The island could explode and release the powers of Hel on an unsuspecting world. And I’m asking about the Nefarious Koi Pond. Like I’ve said before, denial isn’t just a river in Egypt.

    Apparently, my question amused Hel. “Do you like my pets? Fascinating creatures. They live for the kill—”

    I did a double-take. “They have frickin’ laser beams attached to their heads!”

    Hel shrugged. “I saw it in a movie.”

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