Can’t Buy Me Love- Book Spotlight and Excerpt!

Introducing Can’t Buy Me Love

A Debut Novel By:

Summer Kinard!

Title: Can’t Buy Me Love

Author: Summer Kinard

Publication Date: June 7th 2013 (TODAY! BUY IT NOW!)

Genres: Contemporary Women‘s Romance


Can’t Buy Me Love

A tale of love, friendship, and lucha libre…

Hurts from her past keep freegan Vanessa Fauchon stuck in a dead end relationship that feeds her heart about as much as an unvarying diet of stale bagels feeds her body. When she digs a scrapbook from the dumpster, the last thing she expects is to fall in love with the sexy Latino man in its pages. With the rich friendship and hands-on love of her strong and zany female friends – a luchadora, a yarn-bombing midwife, a professor and foraging partner, a psychic Jewish grandmother, a savvy fellow bartender, and her deeply religious,  unofficially adopted mothers – Vanessa heals from her past and begins to build the graceful life she thought was out of her reach. Her love story with Javier seems on course for a happy ending, until Vanessa is publicly humiliated and loses Javier’s trust. Faced with losing Javier for good, Vanessa must decide if she’s willing to fight for what she loves.

This is a tale of romance, friendship, and healing the hurts of the past. Fans of The Sugar Queen (Sarah Addison Allen), The Lost Recipe for Happiness (Barbara O’Neal), or Julia’s Chocolates (Cathy Lamb) are sure to wrap themselves around Can’t Buy Me Love.


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 Love as part of its great summer reads promotion.

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She was standing at the kitchen sink in an old blue cotton robe, drinking a cup of peppermint tea when he walked out of the bedroom wrapped only in a towel.

“Listen,” he said before she could get any ideas about further romping, “I have really enjoyed our time together, Veronica. But I have to get home to my wife.”
The smile slid off Vanessa’s face as the cup slid out of her hand.

It crashed in the sink just as she yelped, “Your wife?!” She covered her face, ashamed.

“Yes, my wife. Whom I love very much. But she’s on pelvic rest with the pregnancy, and I-“
“Wait. No. You’re married?! But you weren’t wearing a ring!”

“You didn’t ask, Veronica.” He was dressing, quickly. Vanessa wondered how often he had played out this scenario with other unsuspecting women.

“Oh, my God. Get out.” Vanessa said, her face burning with disgust and shame. He obliged, leaving quietly with a brief nod as he closed the door behind him.

Vanessa was not okay. She was not the kind of woman to hone in on another woman’s trust. She was not a homewrecker.

“Why do all the men I screw, screw me over?” Vanessa locked the door and went to bed, hot tears stinging her eyes. She lay on her side and noted drowsily that her objective had been attained. She was doped up from her encounter and pulled out of the past. But her heart was a hot mess.

With a past like hers, would she be able to find a way forward with Javier? A memory tickled at the back of her mind. Granny used to say prayer was a way, a road we build for love to walk into our lives. Vanessa might as well try it, because clearly the established methods were not working. For the first time in years, she prayed as she fell asleep.

“Okay, God, don’t let Javier be already married.” In place of an amen, Vanessa snored into her pillow.

About The Author

Summer Kinard lives in Durham, North Carolina with her husband, their
two children, and a garden filled with herbs and squirrels. All four
members of the family take it in turns to pour tea each night. Summer
received a B.A. in religion from Southwestern University and an M.Div.
and Th. M. (early church history and theology) from Duke Divinity
School. When she is not writing or homeschooling, Summer sings opera
with local companies. Can’t Buy Me Love is her first novel. Visit her
website at

Author’s Links

Website/ Blog * Facebook * Goodreads * AMAZON * Shelfari




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