Come Ask Laura E Perez Some Questions

Introducing Laura E Perez!


This is what Amazon Author Central says about Laura:

Born and raised in New York City, moved to Scranton to raise my kids and once they were teenagers, moved to Northern Virginia. Now? Enjoying the warmth in Orlando with my honey.Other than that, I guess I’m a lot like my character Leigh. I’ve worked corrections, probation, not police…I’ve done a little of everything. I’m a second degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do and keep my hair short for reasons of my own. I’ve been writing and daydreaming forever but fear, lack of confidence, life, gave me every excuse not to finish my work. And along came FanFiction. I found a place where I could let my imagination run wild, reading and writing, which resulted in me picking up my manuscript, dusting it off and reworking the darn thing. Somewhere along the way I fell in love with my characters so I kind of let them write themselves. And they did. Now you all get to meet the folks in my Fear series.

Me? I write, all the time. In line at Walmart, at the amusement park, in the bathroom…yep the bathroom, thank goodness for smartphones. So expect lots more from me…soon!

Author’s Links:


Laura’s books on Amazon

Laura on Goodreads

Laura’s Book on Shelfari

Laura’s Website

 Lauras Interview will go live On June 3rd so do your research and come ask her some questions!

Would you like to be interviewed by the group? Here is how to enter.

Again- if you would like me to reference your author name or your website in the interview along side your question PLEASE leave a comment stating such when you post your comment.


Author, Blogger, and illustrator with PDMI Publishing Llc. V.L. Jennings' Blog (Speculating Among The Stars) can be found here: I am the author of two science fiction books called "The Alien Mind" and "Visionary from the Stars". I love to write and I have been doing so since the sixth grade. I was born in April 1987 in the state of New Hampshire; I was Home Schooled from seventh grade and graduated at 16 with a GED. I now live with my husband and three children in Dillon, South Carolina. You can find me on Google+, Facebook, Twitter, Goodreads, Shelfari, Linkedin, and Pinterest. I love connecting with people! I am readily to answer questions and offer advice and support to new writers.

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4 comments on “Come Ask Laura E Perez Some Questions
  1. What is your guilty pleasure when writing (i.e. music, candles, food)?
    Are you an outliner?
    Do you find Character or plot most drive you?
    Have you ever written a story or character so powerful it was hard to walk away?

  2. Edward Forrest Frank says:

    1)Where did the idea for the story in “Beauty of Fear” come from?
    2) What was the hardest thing about writing the novel?
    3) Tell us about your writing process?
    4) What will you do differently in your next novel?
    5) What projects are you working on currently?

  3. Hi Laura,

    Will your book be available at Smashwords at some point?

    I read that you wrote fanfiction and that you might consider writing Voyager and Xena fanfiction as well. As a J7 and Xena fan, and since I’m not sure how up to date that information is, I’d like to ask if you have anything for those fandoms in the works by now?


  4. Laura, you say you write everywhere. Does that mean you write in your head, and then get it down on paper/on screen later, or are you standing with notebook in hand in Walmart?

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