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       K’Anne Meinel was our Featured Spotlight author last week and vistors were encouraged to ask K’Anne some of their own questions! Here is a link to that Spotlight! Feel free to ask more questions, and we might just be able to get K’Anne back for a follow up interview!


1. K’Anne, you have been a busy lady! It looks like you have been writing prolifically since 2011. How much time do you devote to the craft?(Asked by: Jim Henry)

      I’ve been writing much longer than since 2011. I’ve actually been writing forever. I’ve just been publishing some of my work since 2010. My first book SHIPS I actually wrote in 2003.

I write pretty much every day but a lot of the time it’s playing with scenario’s, scenes, or just drama in my own head. Actually writing I go in spurts and write a lot for a few weeks and then just pull back and enjoy real life for a while.

2. Hi, K’Anne. Love your name. Okay, looks like you do a lotta’ experimental writing, challenging yourself. How’d you start doing this style? (Asked by:  Stuart R. West )

      Random thoughts of what I would like to read or what readers suggested or requested. I didn’t know what I could write so I just tried and succeeded on many levels. It helped me develop as a writer. I found I write a lot differently than I did ten years ago or even three years ago.

3. Have you ever considered attempting a more structured, longer work? (Asked by:  Stuart R. West )

      Well I do have 12 Novels out of varying lengths and depending on how a story is flowing that determines how long it is going to be. I don’t set any rules of length on any of my stories, word count, or number of pages.

4. You say you’re not any of your characters, yet all of them (um, cueing Father Karras! Lame “Exorcist” reference). So…are you a participant in your dreams? An actual character? Or a sorta’ omniscient over-seer? (Asked by:  Stuart R. West )

       I play each of my characters at some point and then pull back to examine myself and them as I write them out. I play out the scenarios in my mind as I’m writing or as I’m dreaming the sequence of events. Sometimes I am first person, sometimes I am merely a by-stander.

        Crazy questions all, sure, but that’s the way I roll.

5. Do you ever use bits and pieces of the people you know in the characters you create? I find there is humor and eccentricity in real people that I could never just make up out of my head. I do always worry about offending the person I use, so I work hard to cover the identity in fiction. (Asked by: Michael Beyer http://catchafallingstarbook.wordpress.com/)

        All the time. Friends, relatives, and acquaintences have all appeared in my books at various points, sometimes many times, mostly without their knowledge or consent as people do not see themselves as I would. Don’t worry about offending them unless they are so conceited they are sure to read too much into it anyway! Go with what and who you know to make the characters realistic.

6. K’Anne, you mention rereading you books to reacquaint yourself with old friends. When you reread your books does it ever seem like you are reading something written by somebody else? (I know when I read stuff I have written it sometimes doesn’t sound like me.) (Asked by: Edward Forrest Frank)

      Oh absolutely, sometimes I’m AMAZED that I was the one to write this and other times I’m like OH, I WROTE THIS? Also, as I’ve progressed (I hope for the better) as a writer I see flaws and different styles than what I used to write. It surprises me and I’ve had friends suggest to rewrite old stories and novels but I think leaving it alone is a better option, I might fix it to death and ruin the original intent.

 7. How did you come to write your first book? How did you find the inspiration to write it in just two weeks? It sounds as if you were driven to get the words down on paper. perhaps I should ask you if you enjoyed the process of writing that first book? (Asked by: Edward Forrest Frank)

       SHIPS was my first novel. I wrote it in 2003. It came to me in a dream as it were to the point that the only way I could get it out of my head was to exorcise it. A lot of the time a story will do that where you play the scenarios over and over in your mind and this is so you don’t forget the details. I write to exorcise such stories from my head and to NOT forget it or the details. SHIPS was written as I was running a company. I would work for hours on artwork, details, and painting and think over what I HAD written, what the next scenes were and I couldn’t wait to get back to writing for hours on end as I tweaked, typed, and created over those two weeks. After the first week I met my first girlfriend and something told me if I didn’t FINISH writing the book I would NEVER finish writing it. I loved the process and I find even now when I have an idea I have to get it down as soon as possible, sometimes I write voraciously, sometimes I write a little and leave it for a while.

8. What inspires you to write?(Asked by: Vickie)

       Random conversations, a good book by another author, movies. Even a comment can suddenly make me think of an entire Novel, novella, or even a short story.

9. How long have you been writing? (Asked by: Q.C. Masters)

      That’s kind of a hard question to answer. I’ve written all my life to a degree. I was the kid who loved doing research papers for class. I can remember being in the fourth grade and writing extensively on Indians. My first NOVEL however was written in January 2003 and that was SHIPS.

10. What’s the strangest / craziest book you’ve written? What’s it about? (Asked by: Q.C. Masters)

       Strange and crazy are in the eye of the beholder so you would have to choose. One of the hardest to write (for me anyway) was HEAL OR HEEL because it’s about a controlling woman who has been hurt in the past and now is attempting to start a new relationship with a woman who wants to BE controlled. It was suggested by a fan and I felt extremely uncomfortable writing it. Strangely she wrote me again and said the names I chose, the situation, etc were coincidentally all part of her life. For an exercise I wrote the first chapter of a BOOK 2 along the same lines but I haven’t revisited it in years because it made me so uncomfortable and I don’t like those types of people or the whole BDSM type of lifestyle. I’m a gentler soul.

11. What’s your writing process? Do you write an outline first or do you just start to write and see where the story will take you? (Asked by: Sophia DeLuna)

     It depends on what strikes me. I’ve got dozens of outlines, even just suggestions of stories or titles that someday I will get around to writing more of. Sometimes a story comes at me so hard I just write until my fingers are down to the nubs! Other times I write a bit and come back to it. There is no set process, technique, or anything.

12. Who’s your favourite author? (Asked by: Sophia DeLuna)

      Bertrice Small, I found her in about 1983 when a friend insisted I buy a book for her so she could read it and then I read it and fell in love with her style, her stories, and have collected every book she has ever written.

        I wrote her in 2003 and she wrote back much to my thrill and inspiration. She writes totally different from me but at the same time I admire her and her stories so much that I feel good after reading one of hers.

13. Have you ever encountered writers’ block? If yes, what are your strategies to overcome it? (Asked by: Sophia DeLuna)

       Yes absolutely! I have over 85 books as I write this in various stages of completions. From full novels, to shorter novellas, to short stories, to just mere titles or outlines. I want the ideas around for the times when I don’t feel so creative to think up a story I have so many to choose from when I do feel like writing. You really shouldn’t and couldn’t force a story or it becomes stale or badly written. I step back frequently from my stories and revisit them which is why there are different stories in various stages on my computer, thank God for a good word processor and organization!

14. You say that your life is a series of odd coincidences – was writing something you always wanted to do, or is it another of those coincidences? (Asked by: Wendy Miller)

        I didn’t plan to be a writer. I ran companies for 25 years, my own included. I’ve always been a voracious READER and admiring my authors so much I thought, why can’t I do this? So I did!

15. What prompted you to publish the first book you published? (Asked by: Wendy Miller)

       It sat on my word processor for so long, I visited it every year or two and tweaked it, played with it, and finally got up the nerve to get it OUT there. It’s hard to let others read your babies; it gets easier with each Novel, Novella, or short story. I’m not proud of each and every thing I’ve ever published but people have different needs, they like different things, and some of the stories I have written some have LOVED and others not so much so I know I bring pleasure to a wide variety of readers.

16. You list a wide variety of genres that you read. What prompted you to write in the romance/erotica genre that many of your stories seem to fall into? Was that just another coincidence or is there something specific about that genre that draws you to write it? (Asked by: Wendy Miller)

      My first novel SHIPS was a lesbian romance novel. I knew nothing about lesbians as I was just discovering my own sexuality at the time. It flowed well, the story came to me easily, and I wrote it quickly to exorcise it from my mind. At that time I knew of NO ONE writing lesbian fiction specifically and as other stories came to me and I began to write them I thought writing in this genre seemed to fit me well. I have written several Novels that have nothing to do with lesbians and while they are good stories and I’ve published them I just feel more comfortable writing something I now have personal knowledge of.

17. Hi K’Anne, I love your work! My question- how do you deal with writer’s block? I’m currently working on something, and can’t quite get it to “flow”, more less to set the tone lol 🙂 (Asked by: skyler blake)

       I step back and do something else for a while. It might be hours, days, weeks, or even a month or two but the need to write, to create, to enjoy what I’m doing always comes back. Don’t force it or what you write will come across as stale. Enjoy life because those stories that come from that joy will be better for it.

18. Who was your biggest influence to write professionally? Why? (Asked by: Lynn Lawler: Delamo1999@yahoo.com)

      Bertrice Small, because she writes so well. My mother actually was a big reader which I inherited. Unfortunately she never read anything I wrote as she died some years ago but I like to think she would be cheering me on and I know she would be proud.

19. Do you enjoy playing word games when you are not writing? (Lynn Lawler: Delamo1999@yahoo.com)

       I don’t like crosswords too much but I enjoy word searches now and again. A lot of the time when I am on things like Facebook and chatting with friends on it or skype or even on a phone call I play different games of solitaire to keep my over active mind from straying. I’ve found I have to multi-task to seem that I am concentrating on the conversation. A lot of times I can work through scenario’s much easier as I play cards on my computer.

20. Do you ever write out in nature, such as while you are on a hike? (Lynn Lawler: Delamo1999@yahoo.com)

       I’ve tried that many times, I’ve taken my laptop and gone to a park. Since I got my motorcycle I can go further afield. But unfortunately I can’t seem to type and not want to look around. A bit of ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder) there. So to compensate I THINK about scenario’s and my stories and go back home to my office or bedroom to WRITE and enjoy nature as I am there! There are a lot of parks, lakes, and streams to see around here!

21. Do you have a writing mentor? If yes who? (Asked by: Jo Linsdell)

        Nope, just me, myself, and I

22. What’s the best bit of advice you have for other writers? (can be writing or marketing related…maybe even both ;)) (Asked by: Jo Linsdell)

        Just DO it, don’t listen to doubters, keep going forward. Get a GOOD editor, not someone who will change your story to suit their needs but teaches you to be a better writer (still working on that one myself), it’s a work in progress as you are as a writer.

       Keep promoting YOU since you are the one that can toot your own horn the best. Don’t be shy!



     From the Admin:  Thank you K’Anne, for sharing a little about you and your books with us! It has been cool getting to know you better!

You can find K’Anne‘s books on Amazon Here:

I’d also like to note that the author creates her own book covers- and of the two books she has had published this year this is my favorite!




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