Three’s A Crowd- Book Spotlight and Excerpt


Book Spotlight and Excerpt
Three’s A Crowd
By: Q. Kelly

About The Book:

      Carol Thomas is shocked when her fiance comes home late one night with an announcement: he’s gotten back in touch with a college buddy named Ennis Evans, and she’s up for a threesome. Carol shoves aside her misgivings and tentatively agrees. She considers herself a prude in many ways and wants to break through her shell.

      As she gets to know Ennis and experiences an immediate, undeniable attraction, Carol keeps putting off the menage a trois. She begins to wonder if she’s gay and falling in love with Ennis. Then the night of the threesome arrives and changes Carol for life. But Carol still has much to learn. She finds out the hard way that Washington is a city known for intrigue and double dealings. Many things aren’t what they seem on the surface, and just what is Ennis’s connection with Washington’s most infamous call girl, Elena Marie Elise?


About The Author:

      Fact One: Q. Kelly likes corny jokes. If you have any good ones, send them her way! Fact Two: Q. Kelly’s favorite color is purple, but her writing is gray. Life is not black and white. She often writes about issues and characters where there is no “right” answer. Fact Three: Q. Kelly is weird. She likes being weird.

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Excerpt From Three’s A Crowd:


        Patrick’s home. Finally. At nine o’clock, when dinner is cold, and I’ve blown out the candles. He simply breezes in, all bright-eyed and excited. Not one iota weary, like a rookie lawyer who works sixteen-hour days should be. He grabs me and hugs me tight. I’ve not seen him this enthusiastic in weeks, so naturally, I’m wary.

     “Hey, babe,” he says, his smile wide. He does not notice the food or the candles. “Guess what?”


     “Remember you said you’d be up to a threesome?”

      I blink. Then I blink some more. “Right,” I finally squeak. “Right.” I can’t believe Patrick remembers this conversation—it was six months ago at a Christmas party, and I thought he was half-joking.

      “Well, I’ve found her.”

      I swallow. Oh, no. No, no, no. “You have?”

     “I asked her to come over tomorrow so you can give your okay.”

      “Who is she?”

     “Ennis Evans.”

      The name is familiar, but I need a few moments to make the connection. “Ennis! Your friend from college?”


      “Wait, so…how’d you find her? And ask her out of the blue to do a threesome? I thought she wasn’t on Facebook.”

      Patrick grins and kisses me on the cheek. He notices the food on the table, and he clicks his tongue in approval. “Sweet.” He slides chicken and corn in the microwave then turns to me. “Well, I was at lunch with Crandell about a week ago. She came in, saw me, and we got to chatting. She hasn’t changed a bit. Turns out she moved to D.C. a couple of months ago. So…” Patrick reaches into the microwave and feels the food. He puts more time on the clock. “So we’ve hung out some the past few days. Today, I asked her about the threesome, and she said, yeah, fine, she’d consider it. She’s coming over at eleven tomorrow morning.”

      I can only stare at my fiance. I love him so much, I really do. But I do not want a threesome. Not with a man, not with a woman. I want only Patrick and me. However, I want to make Patrick happy, and I’ve always been afraid he views me as a prude in bed. Besides, he seems so, so thrilled at the prospect of this tryst. He and I have grown apart since we moved to D.C. Before then, really. He used to be attentive, caring and concerned. Sometimes he displays flashes of his old self, but his job keeps him bogged down and too busy to care much about me. When we’re together these days, a rare occurrence in itself, he’s content to veg on the couch and basically tune me out.

     “Ennis, huh,” I whisper. I am jealous. From what Patrick has told me, her beauty and sense of adventure would put any goddess to shame.

     Patrick pulls his plate out of the microwave. He fixes a drink—doesn’t ask if I want anything. He sits at the table and digs into his dinner.

      “This is good, babe,” he says. “Hey, come over here. It’ll be all right, you’ll see. It’ll be fun!”

      “Right,” I say. “Right. Uh…” I join Patrick at the table. “Tomorrow’s for…”

      “Just to meet and see if you guys get along.” He cocks a grin and winks. “But who knows, maybe we’ll all get lucky. Man, this is the best chicken ever! And you’re the best girlfriend ever, Carol.”

      “Fiancee,” I mutter.

      “Right, fiancee.”


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